10 Things To Do Now To Start Your Business Off Strong In 2020


As the final quarter of 2019 fast approaches, the time is now to set yourself and your business up for success. These final months can be a launching pad into bigger and greater things for your company moving forward. Implement these 10 tips, and you’ll begin to see growth happening perhaps even before 2020.

1. Wake up 15 minutes earlier and meditate.

Sleep is a precious thing, especially when you’re constantly busy. But there is nothing like setting your mind right to conquer the day ahead. By sacrificing just 15 minutes in the morning, you can bring yourself into mindfulness that can actually energize you and will no doubt clear your head to begin the day. With the proper mindset, you’re prepared to take on the daily tasks and to-do list items sitting on your desk.

2. Take a 15-minute walk in the middle of the day.

Just like starting your day with meditation can be helpful in starting the day right, taking a short break in the middle of it can help you stay effective. With all the hustle and bustle that our businesses demand throughout the day, we have to be at our best. This starts by taking care of yourself. Allowing yourself 15 minutes in the middle of the day to “reset” can make you more effective in all the different directions you’re being pulled throughout the day.  

3. Map out measurables from Labor Day to Thanksgiving.

Where do you want to be during this fourth quarter? Better yet, how are you going to get there? It’s been said, “A dream without a plan is just a wish,” so start making plans. Brainstorm what you and your team members need to get done from now until the end of the year and how can you measure your success. Don’t worry about the number just yet. Just get your ideas on paper and keep them in front of you. This way, they’re always on your mind and visible.

4. Identify your top three measurables.

Now, start to pare them down. Pick your top three measurables and activities associated with them. Focusing on these top three will create your momentum heading into the new year. Your attention and activities should be on meeting and mastering these objectives. Once completed, you’ll be ready to grow your pipeline even bigger in 2020.

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