About Us


DESITIMES is a South Asian Magazine which connects, builds & Inspires Ethnic Diversity, published monthly & distributed all over In United States.
DESITIMES is not responsible for any statement made by advertisers or writers and cannot be held responsible for any consequences arising from omission and errors.
Without written permission from DESITIMES, Reproducing Magazine or using part of any published material or reusing in electronic or any other form is prohibited.

The mission of DESITIMES is to inspire readers in making a positive impact in their lives and on those around them.

Through its news and stories, the magazine encourages and enables people to improve relationships and engage in dialogue wherever they are: in business or schools, in their families, neighborhoods and faith communities.

I believe in “unity in diversity” suggests a happy equilibrium, or harmony, “unity” refers to oneness, of being formed of parts that make a whole – essentially around a consensus of shared values as they relate to the whole state and “diversity” refers to variety and difference – as these relate to individuals living within communities”

Moiz F. Khan
Founder of DESITIME