Ariana Grande Shows Off Her Natural Hair& Her Fans Go Nuts: It’s ‘Hella Cute’


Ariana Grande has had her super long high ponytail for so many years that fans have no idea what her actual hair looks like. She’s revealed it to them in an IG story and now they’re going wild for it.

Think about it, when is the last time you saw Ariana Grande‘s natural hair? Yep, we can’t remember either. She wears super long extensions and has rocked a high pony for nearly her entire career. But in a black and white Instagram story on Nov. 25, Ari let fans in on what her hair looks like naturally and they’re going nuts over it. The 26-year-old can be seen in front of a mirror with her natural curly hair piled up into a short ponytail atop her head as she runs her fingers through it.

Fans went crazy for the look. Since they couldn’t comment in the story, they took to Twitter to plead with Ariana to wear her hair au natural more often. “I LOVE YOUR NATURAL HAIR SO MUCH!! PLS WEAR IT LIKE THAT OFTEN @ArianaGrande,” one fan tweeted. “you [sic] hair is insane. when will we see you on stage w it? @ArianaGrande,” a user named Marlen tweeted

“KEEP UR HAIR LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME ISS HELLA CUTE,” another person tweeted while user I love miss ponytail asked Ari to “Drop the ponytail, I want to see ur real hair.” A woman named Hanna agreed, tweeting, “girl just let your down and show us what it looks like rn.” Fan Alanie wrote,”@ArianaGrande u should really wear ur natural sometimes it looks so gorgeous and good.”

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