Avatar 2 First Concept Art Revealed


The sequel to the James Cameron’s 2009 film Avatar, once the highest-grossing movie, will hit the theaters in 2021.

At CES, Cameron revealed the first concept art showing off new views of Pandora which look extremely vibrant and eccentric.

The sequel to the film was supposed to release in 2014, however, Cameron changed his mind and proceeded ahead with the idea of releasing three sequels with underwater performance capture.

Since then the movie has been in works and the release date kept on pushing ahead. Now the first sequel is set to hit the theatres on Dec. 18, 2021.

The new Na’vi clan includes Kate Winslet and Cliff Curtis in the film. According to previous reports, Avatar 2 was shot simultaneously with Avatar 3 in 2017.

However, there aren’t many details out until now. Some reports suggest the movie takes place years after the first movie and introduces a child born at the Hell’s Gate military complex.

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