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America’s Commerce Department issued three-month licences to allow American firms to keep doing limited business with Huawei, which has been placed on a security blacklist by the Trump administration. The ripples of the ban are spreading. Google is suspending the provision of Android software and technical services to Huawei, which runs its mobile phones on the operating system. Arm, a chip designer, may stop licensing its technology to Huawei. And in Japan and Britain some mobile-service providers said they would halt sales of new Huawei phones. See article.

Qualcomm’s share price plunged by 11% after a judge in California ruled that it had illegally crushed competition in the market for phone chips by charging “unreasonably high” royalty rates. The decision is a blow for the chip firm, coming soon after it had reached a settlement with Apple. The judge ordered the company to change its practices and subjected it to seven years of monitoring. Championed by Donald Trump, Qualcomm is the leading provider of 5g chips in America.

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