“Mansha Does Not Belong To The Industry, And Yasir Is Overrated” – Exclaim Sadaf Kanwal And Azfar Rehman


Apart from being the hub of talent and flair, the Pakistani Entertainment Industry is often packed with various controversies, where another day calls for another controversy.

Yet again, the internet is abuzz with another video, where a talk show host asked his guest stars a question, and the answers happened to lead them into trouble. The video that we’re talking about is that of Ahsan Khan’s talk show ‘Bol Nights With Ahsan Khan’, where he had invited model/actor Sadaf Kanwal, and Azfar Rehman for a candid conversation.

Sadaf Kanwal vs. Mansha Pasha

The video begins with Ahsan asking a tantalizing question, “Wou konsi actress hai jiss ko dekh kay lagta hai kay isko industry mein nai houna chahiye?”The question itself was a big one and Sadaf took a moment to mull it over, when she asked Ahsan if he could give her any options to choose from, he replied that he didn’t have any. Sadaf then answered with, “I think, Mansha Pasha.”

The 26-year-old model/actress has always been open about her views and opinions on social media, so her gritty answer did not come out as a surprise, especially since the two actors had already been in a social media feud a few months back.

For those unaware, during ‘Tonite with HSY’, Sadaf Kanwal threw shade at women who did not speak up about sexual harassment at the moment it happened. To this, Mansha Pasha spoke against Sadaf Kanwal saying that women need to step up and speak better. Sadaf snapped back saying ‘Hum apko kapre pehna sikha dete hain, ap humay bolna sikha de.’

Anyhow, coming back to today’s statement, Mansha Pasha wasn’t one to stay quiet for long and she just posted this screenshot as a reply to Sadaf:

Azfar Rehman calls Yasir Hussain Overrated

Moving on, Ahsan turned to his second guest, Azfar Rehman, and asked him which actor he thought was overrated. The actor only took about a millisecond to answer and said, “I think Yasir Hussain is very overrated.”

While Yasir hasn’t replied to this statement as of now, but given how active he is on social media it won’t be long before he gives a cheeky reply to Azfar’s statement

You can watch the full video below:

Final Word

Although we believe that there’s nothing wrong with somebody civilly expressing their opinion as Sadaf and Azfar did, but isn’t it unfair to do so at the cost of someone else’s sentiments? After all the hard work and time Mansha Pasha has put into making a name for herself in this industry, is it justified to say that she does not belong in it? Moreover, Yasir Hussain has also been through numerous trials, tribulations, and controversies to get where he is today. Is it fair to put all that effort under the banner of ‘being overrated’?

Or do you think what happened was justifiable and acceptable? Let us know in the comments.

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