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R. Kelly Facing New Charges in Minnesota


Singer R. Kelly is facing new charges in Minnesota as he continues to battle cases in Illinois and New York, prosecutors announced Monday.

Kelly was charged with two counts of engaging in prostitution with an individual under 18 years old and offering to hire for sexual purposes a person under 18, according to Hennepin County State’s Attorney Mike Freeman.

The charges stem from allegations of an incident that took place in July 2001, in which Kelly is accused of offering a girl he met to an autograph signing $200 to take her clothes off.

“We’re going to make sure that justice is done in Minnesota,” Freeman said in a press conference Monday.

R. Kelly Pleads Not Guilty, Denied Bail

[NATL] R. Kelly Pleads Not Guilty, Denied Bail

Grammy-Award-Winning Singer R. Kelly was denied bail by a judge in a Federal court room in New York after pleading not guilty to sex trafficking charges.

(Published Friday, Aug. 2, 2019)

Kelly’s attorney called the new charges “beyond absurd.”

“Give me a break,” he tweeted Monday.

Kelly is currently behind bars while he awaits trial in child pornography case in Chicago.

Breaking Down The Latest Celebrity Court Cases

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Access rounds up the most high-profile celebrity court cases dominating the headlines, including Jeffrey Epstein, R. Kelly and ASAP Rocky – all of whom are being held without bail. Criminal defense attorney Alison Triessl lends her legal expertise to explain what she believes could be the end result for each defendant.

(Published Saturday, July 20, 2019)

The charges against Kelly, 52, in Chicago also include coercing minors to engage in sex. He faces similar federal charges in New York, where he recently pleaded not guilty and was ordered held without bail.

“It doesn’t disturb me whatsoever that it may not go to trial as long as he spends time for the crimes he’s committed elsewhere,” Freeman said. “I cant make sure of that unless I am at the table. By charging this case we are at the table

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