Sony Sets PlayStation 5 Release Date

It’s nice to be able to say it,” says Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan.
The next PlayStation is on the way.Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan told Wired the Playstation 5 will be released in time for the holidays next year. “It’s nice to be able to say it,” Ryan told Wired. “Like a giant burden has been lifted from my shoulders.”

The new console, which was revealed to be in the works in April, will feature improved hardware over the current generation of systems that will aid in processing power, leading to higher fidelity graphics (the PS5 will have improved ray tracing tech, a rendering technique that leads to ultra-realistic visuals) and faster download speeds.

Furthermore, the PS5 will change how software is installed on the console, allowing players to potentially download individual components of a title, instead of the entire product. “Rather than treating games like a big block of data, we’re allowing finer-grained access to the data,” system architect Mark Cerny said.

Also revealed in the Wired piece were details on the PlayStation 5’s controller, which will feature improved “haptics”, essentially, the “feel” of the controls. Like the PS4’s current DualShock 4 controllers, the PS5’s handheld hardware will have a speaker built in, though the audio will be improved and work in closer tandem with the haptic controls to create a more immersive experience.

The PlayStation 5 — along with competitor Microsoft’s Project Scarlett console, the company’s successor to the Xbox One, also due out next holiday season — signals the start of the next video game console generation. Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were launched in 2013.

Sony is hoping for a similar performance from its PS5 that it got from the PS4, which has sold 100 million units worldwide.

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