The Biggest Trends From Paris Fashion Week 2019


Whew, we made it (or did we?). It’s finally the end of fashion month and it went out with a bang. We started in NYC with trends ranging from corsets to the next tie-dye. Traveled across the globe to London and Milan, then finished in Paris and let the trends from the city marinate in our brains. We’ve discussed our favorite shows, saved street style images we want to copy ASAP, and lived vicariously through the Instagrams of others.

This season’s Paris Fashion Week took an overall turn for the better. Different interpretations of the ’70s carried well into the week at Paco Rabanne, Issey Miyake held an artful dance party, and girl gangs coordinated their looks for the runways. Designers reminded editors and influencers of what the spirit of fashion is all about (even when you’re feeling fatigued and exhausted from attending every show). It was an energizing change and reminder that fashion is all about being yourself.

Ahead, the trends from Paris Fashion Week that we can’t wait to wear in 2020.

1. Crochet Queen

If you’ve been itching to take up crocheting as a hobby, now might just be the time. The craft is seeing a revival on the runways with long, flowy dresses. Depending on the shade of white and silhouette, the dresses can take on a variety of interpretations, from pirate to fancy doily.

The Biggest Trends From Paris Fashion Week 2019


The Biggest Trends From Paris Fashion Week 2019

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